Jul 25, 2019 The E480 has an outstanding performance in both macro(energetic feeling, immersive soundstage) and micro(resolution, details), the overall.... Revolutionary AAVA volume control Power amplication stage with power MOS-FETs in triple parallel push-pull conguration Rated output 180 watts into 8.... Feb 14, 2020 that kind of money I'd plump for the Accuphase E480 ... regardless of price - is the Pureaudio One Integrated ($10,000) that I just reviewed.. Jan 14, 2021 3 Awesome Integrated Amps! Featuring The Yamaha As1200. Accuphase E480. ... Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier Review!. Power corrupts, absolute power is absolutely delightful with apologies to Lord Acton. Once known as the McIntosh of Japan, Accuphase no longer needs.... Sep 21, 2019 I have owned the MB2SE and now own the E480... unfortunately not at ... so I think the higher damping of the Accuphase will be a solid match.. Accuphase DP-550 Super Audio CD Player is the Penultimate Reference Super ... (0 reviews). Accuphase. Accuphase E-480 180W/ch STEREO AMPLIFIER.. Dec 4, 2019 The demo set contained the Naim ND555, Accuphase E480 amp and the Dynaudio Conference 20 speakers and a Dynaudio subwoofer SUB6.... Accuphase E-480 We only stock brands that we love at HFL so it was a pleasant surprise when I had an opportunity to ... Description; Downloads; Review.. News . Library . Database . Gallery . Requests . Search . FAQ Manual Library / Accuphase. Accuphase E-480. Stereo Integrated Amplifier (2019). add a review.. For anyone considering the E480 (or any Accuphase integrated) there is a pretty detailed and glowing review of the E480 on the 'Zero Fidelity'... 538a28228e

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